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About our department

Name of the unit: Department of Material and Commodity Sciences and Textile Metrology

Activity profile: The Department conducts scientific, research and educational activities from the range of different fields:

  • Material Science and Textile Metrology;
  • Structure and Technology of Nonwovens;
  • Structure and Technology of Yarns.
  • Fibre’s Physics;
  • Surface Engineering of the Polymer Materials;
  • Product Innovations;
  • Commodity Science and Textile Marketing;

Fields of the cooperation: innovative technologies of producing nonwovens, yarns and films, including nanotechnologies, composites, biomaterials and personal protection products, including the sensory textronic systems, humanoecology, biodegradable textiles, analysis of the product innovations’ markets, including the aspects concerning the corporate social responsibility (CSR), intellectual capital, electronic commerce.

Research offer: The Department offers a wide range of research services for the needs of analyses, expert reports, seeking innovative solutions and products, consulting from the range of: textile metrology, fibre’s physics, nonwovens, fibrous composites, structure and technology of yarns, marketing strategies and market research. The guarantee of high quality of the provided services is constituted by the team gathering specialists from the above mentioned fields, and also by the wide range of research laboratories equipped in modern, high-tech, and often unique research equipment. Special attention should be paid to the unique, on the European scale, laboratory able to research the biophysical properties of the textile products, starting from medtextiles and finishing on clothes, especially that of a special use and personal protection equipment. The laboratory is equipped in normalized measurement stations for estimating the physiological comfort generated by textiles: the model of skin and the moving thermal manikin with the option of ‘sweating’ and ‘breathing’. Moreover, the laboratory has also two systems for estimating the sensory comfort – Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) and FAST.

Educational profile: The Department conducts the educational activity directed on educating engineers, technologists, production managers, specialists for creating innovative textile products and introducing them to the market, specialists for quality control and estimating, and specialists for procurement and marketing. The graduates of our specializations find employment in many textile and clothing companies in Poland and abroad. The interdisciplinary character of the Department allows gaining extraordinarily comprehensive education allowing for:

  • Independent managing of business;
  • Working in a public sector, for example in the departments of control and government administration, departments of self-government administration, non-government institutions and customs’ services;
  • Professional development in R&D units, scientific centres and laboratories.

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Contact: 90-924 Łódź, ul. Żeromskiego 116, +48 42 631 33 17, nonwovens@p.lodz.pl

          Technical University of Lodz, Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design
          ul. Żeromskiego 116, 90-924 Lódź, phone: +48 042 631 33 17, fax: +48 042 631 33 18, e-mail: nonwovens@p.lodz.pl