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Fields of activity

Activity profile: The Department conducts scientific, research and educational activities from the range of different fields:

  • Material Science and Textile Metrology;
  • Structure and Technology of Nonwovens;
  • Structure and Technology of Yarns.
  • Fibre’s Physics;
  • Surface Engineering of the Polymer Materials;
  • Product Innovations;
  • Commodity Science and Textile Marketing;

Fields of the cooperation: innovative technologies of producing nonwovens, yarns and films, including nanotechnologies, composites, biomaterials and personal protection products, including the sensory textronic systems, humanoecology, biodegradable textiles, analysis of the product innovations’ markets, including the aspects concerning the corporate social responsibility (CSR), intellectual capital, electronic commerce.

Department of Material Commodity Sciences and Textile Metrology, collaboration proposals:

  •  Fibresthrowing from biodegradablepolymersincluding materials with bioactiveproperties by using wet and drytechniques.
  • Functionalization of materialsurfaces by plasma, evaporation and layer-by-layertechniques.
  • Fibres spinning direct form polymermelt.
  • Polymericsensors with carbonnanotubes and grafen. -Modern traditional spinning technologies.
          Technical University of Lodz, Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design
          ul. Żeromskiego 116, 90-924 Lódź, phone: +48 042 631 33 17, fax: +48 042 631 33 18, e-mail: nonwovens@p.lodz.pl